In the winter, my activities change a little. I have a big list of “to-do’s” and most of the projects involve cleaning and organizing. It was cold this morning, so I decided to spend a little time organizing old photos. I came across photos from my first trip to Europe, which always makes me reminisce about that influential, life changing experience.

I spent a month on a tour of Europe. We started in Paris for a few days and took an overnight train to the south side of France where we explored Marseilles, Nice, the French Riveria, and Monaco.

A sculpture in front of the Monte Carlo Casino

From there, we worked our way through Italy, hitting several major highlights including Pisa, Florence, Pompeii, Rome, the Vatican City, Sorrento, and Brindsi.

I left a piece of my heart in Florence


The colosseum


The Vatican

From there, we took a ferry to Greece where we toured the cities of Delphi and Athens.

After Athens, we departed on a multi-day cruise visiting the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Patmos, Lindos, and Rhodes. We also visited the city of Kusadasi, Turkey where I fell in love with apple tea and handcrafted Turkish rugs. In ancient Ephesus, we were able to touch the pillars that measured the span of Hercules’ arms, and see carvings of Medusa and the Goddess Nike.


We returned to Athens to catch our flight home. As it turns out, the airport was preparing to go on strike and things didn’t look promising. However after several hours of waiting, our flight was the last one to leave the country for several days and we were homeward bound. My love affair with Europe continues to this day.

It’s All In The Details…

Did you know that Nike derived it’s name and logo from the Goddess Nike?  The fabric folds of her toga make the signature Nike “swoosh” logo.

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