Are you a history buff?  Does the thought of packing up your belongings and heading for new, uncharted, exciting territory excite you?  Have you ever wondered how previous generations managed such an incredible feat?  If so, a stop along the Pony Express might be a great experience for you!

The 1800’s were a pivotal time in America.  New lands were discovered and people were expanding their horizons.  As America’s early pioneers began to spread across the country, there was still essential information to be shared.  But how?

Enter the Pony Express!  Covering thousands of miles of land, riders were responsible for delivering messages from coast to coast.  As they worked their way across the rugged landscapes, they would stop at various stations.  This allowed a period of rest for the men and their horses.

This National Historic trail cuts across the United States.  It symbolizes many of the things that made America what it is.  Rugged.  Innovative.  Determined. Driven.

There are countless fort remains along this historic trail.  We stopped by Fort Laramie in eastern Wyoming to take in a bit of Western history.  This fort served as a trading post and economic hub, as well as a major stop along the Oregon Trail and Pony Express.

Forts like these dot the American West.  They really are a great way to see into our not-so-distant past.

Falling under the National Park Service’s list of National Historic Sites, much of this fort is now in ruins.  The area is interesting to tour, but is not filled with reenactments or other forms of entertainment.  It is not necessary to plan an entire trip around visiting this fort.  However, if you do enjoy Western history and happen to be in the area, a stop along the Pony Express at Fort Laramie gives visitors a glimpse of American’s Western history.

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