Boston has always been an iconic east coast American city on our list to visit.  We had the opportunity to spend 5 quick days there, which was definitely not enough time to cover all this amazing city and area has to offer.

We’re Yankees fans, and it just so happens that luck was on our side and the Yankees were playing the Red Sox while we were there.  This rivalry is unmatched, and we took a huge risk by donning our Yankees gear on the mean streets of Boston as we walked to and from Fenway Park.  Luckily, we only got yelled at…

We crammed as much as we could into this trip and explored the city as much as possible to include a tour of the Sam Adam’s Brewery, the Freedom Trail, historical DUCK (a World War II amphibious vehicle) tour, joined a running group for a 4.5 mile morning run, and more.

Sometimes, aimless wandering is the best because you stumble upon things you don’t even realize you’re looking for until you get there.  After deciding to walk a few blocks further, the bells of this church began to chime.  It was right across from a fountain and reflecting pool, so there was no other choice but to sit back, and enjoy it.  This is one of those simple things that could have so easily been missed.


We ended our trip with a day cruise to the Stellwagen Banks to do some whale watching.  I must say, this was by far the highlight of the trip, as it was our first time seeing whales.  The marine biologists were incredibly knowledgeable and the trip was completely worth it!

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It’s All In The Details…

A little side note about our whale watching trip.  We booked that excursion through an online third party vendor.  When we arrived at the kiosk to check-in, they didn’t have any record of our reservation.  It was a major scramble, but the whale watching company was able to squeeze us in.  We were incredibly thankful, as we were due to fly out later that day.  We have used that same third party a few other times and not only have three other tours been messed up, but our data was also compromised.  Needless to say, we will not book with them any more.  It’s always good to book directly through the tour company or confirm everything with them if you do use a third party vendor.



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  1. I’ve only been to Boston once – it was January, snowing, and icy cold. But I’d love to go back to see it when the sun was out. In fact that whole East coast above NY looks like a great drive to do all the way up to Canada.

  2. Boston sounds amazing and my niece used to share so many stories of when she lived there. You experience of whale watching is incredible. Hope to do it one day.

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