We understand that travel planning can be daunting for some! You may not want to use a travel agent, but planning a trip on your own can present many challenges.  There is no need to stress about travel.   We are thrilled you’ve come to By Land and Sea for all your travel needs!

Without a doubt, you’ve learned more about us and our travel style when you read our “about us” page and have been inspired by some of the great destinations we’ve featured! We hope you have determined our experiences and areas of interests are a match made in travel heaven for you.

Now, let us help you with plenty of other resources to help you plan your next trip!


You may be questioning where to start when it comes to planning your next trip.  For us, the deal always dictates the destination!  

From there, we like to pick our hotels next.  We feel that sometimes you just need a place to lay your head at night, while other times the hotel (usually a resort) is a major part of the travel experience.  To help you with this, we have a comprehensive guide on how to pick your next hotel!


Now, if you’re flying, airports can be an entirely different situation.  With that in mind, we have several helpful posts.  We recommend you start by reading our tips to move quickly through any airport.  If you happen to be flying internationally, we also encourage you to check out three important things to have in your carry-on bag.  This will help you be prepared for arrival!

One thing that may not be on your mind at this point is travel tipping.  But, it is an important consideration for your overall travel budget!  We have guide for travel tipping that you will want to check out!