Is First Class Flying The Experience For You?

Recently, we posted about our first experience flying in United’s Basic Economy fare class. Now, we are taking this post to the other end of the travel spectrum. This is all about our first time flying first class on Delta Airlines and what you should consider if you are wanting to do the same.

Have you thought about upgrading? Keep reading!

We are tried and true economy class fliers. Tickets in this fare class are far more affordable and help to lower our carbon footprint when we fly. But, we have always wanted to feel how the other half feel!

We finally pulled the trigger and decided to upgrade one of our flights. 

But, was it worth it?

First off, let me tell you what chaps my hide about upgrading. Generally speaking, you can only upgrade to the next available fare class. This means if you book an economy ticket, you have to first upgrade to premium economy before you can upgrade again to either business or first class. Yes, this is a total rip off!

When we pulled the trigger, we were fortunate that for one reason or another, Delta let us skip this step and upgrade straight to first class on one leg each of a departing and return flight.

Pillows and blankets greeted us on our first class seats.

Now first things first…. It was a short flight which meant it was an affordable option for us! Finally!

The first noticeable difference was that our tickets now included one complimentary checked bag. This is great, but we were traveling with carry-ons.

While we only upgraded 2 out of our 4 total flights to first class, we were able to board the plane first on all flights, even for those which we were still in economy. This was not a big deal to us, but to some travelers it is.

Finally, upon boarding our upgraded flights, we were greeted by a bottle of water, pillow and blanket. We settled in to our seats and immediately noticed how comfortable and spacious they were.

Unlimited drinks and snacks are complimentary in Delta’s first class cabin.

We actually had leg room!!

Each flight, our first class cabin had its own attendant who greeted everyone by name. We received ample snacks and continuous drink refills. Champagne for everyone!

But, to my disappointment, we did not receive any fun amenity items like I have always read about. Guess those kits are reserved for long haul flights only.

I’m sure you want to know if it was worth it?!

This is a yes and no answer in my opinion. Here are some considerations:

  • I am glad we had the experience at an affordable price point. However, I wish we really could experience this luxury on a longer flight to really see what it is like.
  • We also earned more valuable airline miles than flying economy.
  • Because we did not check bags, I am not sure that we ultimately got our money‘s worth from a practicality stand point.
  • We had a very tight connection and being up front helped ease the stress of getting off the plane in a timely manner.
  • It is also important to note that first class is the least sustainable way to fly.

Overall, I’m really glad we were able to do this, even if just once. If you are thinking of doing the same, I hope these considerations are helpful to you!

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