Greetings fellow wanderlusters!  Welcome to By Land and Sea!

By Land and Sea is a travel blog for working couples interested in affordable luxury, sustainable travel and a wide variety of ways to explore the world! 

We believe that traveling big is possible, even with a limited amount of vacation days and a moderate budget.  Although we both hold down full-time jobs, we have managed to be quite the jet-set duo, traveling extensively throughout each year. 


What Will You Find On By Land And Sea?

We simply love to travel! Although we can say that you won’t find us in a hostel, we really don’t have a set formula or a specific travel style. One trip might be spent relaxing on a tropical island and on the next, we might take in museums and architecture in a historic city. We accomplish our goals by traveling by land and sea and every method in between. Leaving our travel options open and embracing opportunities allows us to explore in a diverse manner. As such, we also keep blog content interesting by making sure it always varies, but you can expect:

Now, you might be asking what makes me an authority on all things travel and blogging? 

  • I have visited 34 countries and 31 states, many of them with my hubby, making us experts at couples’ travel
  • I have a Masters Degree in Sustainable Tourism 
  • I’ve taken classes in Hospitality Management
  • I am a Certified Tourism Ambassador
  • I also hold a Bachelor’s in Humanities and Fine Arts with an emphasis in English, Art, Philosophy, and Humanities
  • I was selected as a Keynote Speaker, sharing knowledge on travel and art

You can see why travel blogging is perfect fit and a wonderful creative outlet for me!  I’m so happy to share our travel passion with you!

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  1. How wonderful to stumble across your blog. I’m from Australia and love much of what you love – my husband and family, my animals and my travel and sense of adventure. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. I’m so glad you found me! I’m just getting my blog started, but I’m really excited for it. It really is so good to meet people with similar interests, and I look forward to sharing back and forth! Thanks for following me!

  2. A lot of what you said here sounds familiar 🙂 Hubby and I currently travel while working 9 to 5 and I’ve just finished a set of hospitality studies. I was also bitten by the travel bug as a child (child expat) and grew up doing little domestic trips by myself if nothing else was available. As an adult, I ended up working in tourism for over a decade until now – now I finally have a “normal” job, but it doesn’t mean the traveling has to stop 🙂 I’m happy to have met you here on WP and on Twitter! Looking forward to following your blog!

  3. Looks like we have the same travel bug! We try and do as much travelling as possible in between our day jobs, usually 3 big trips and lots of weekends in between! it always gives you something to look forward to!

  4. Your blog inspires me! While we’ve got a pretty good handle on the Encore part, we’re just getting started with a whole lot of Voyaging! I’ll be checking back regularly to read your posts! ~ Lynn

  5. Glad to find your page. This resonates with me,
    As I also travel extensively while having a full time job. Because yes it’s possible to. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures

  6. So nice to meet you and learn a little about you and your blog! It does sound like you are pretty qualified to talk about travel – I look forward to reading some of your articles.

  7. I have been following you for a while and it’s nice to get to know you! I always travel with my partner, so I can relate a lot and love your articles about Europe. Keep up the good work!

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