Why You Should Add An Alaskan Cruise To Your Bucket List


An Alaskan cruise will take you into the depths of some of the most incredible, unspoiled places on earth.  Filled with natural beauty, it is an experience unlike any other and should be added to your bucket list.

 Your lungs will expand and fill with the perfect combination of salty sea water, fresh mountain air, and frosty ice crystals as you sail deeper into the fjords.dsc04359

You will see colors you didn’t know could exist in nature.  Pure, sparkling, white untouched snow.  Icebergs so blue, surely someone must have dyed them that color. Purple flowers, green trees, and sea foam waters, all so remarkable in their natural state. 

You will feel the surprise that comes when a pod of humpback whales explodes above the surface of a placid harbor while they work together in bubble net feeding, and you will wait with a sense of hope that you will get to see them fluke or breach.

You will be impressed by the grace and power of the bald eagles as they soar over your head again and again.  You will feel excitement when you see a bear and her cubs resting on the shore.

You will experience new adventures and meet warm people.  Living in an area like Alaska presents many challenges.  These people embrace their visitors and love to share their culture and lifestyle in their charming towns.


With naturalists and historians on board, you will learn so much about how awesome this area is. 

You will appreciate that some areas in our world are still untouched, unspoiled, and unaltered.  Cruising along these coast lines will take your breath away.


You will marvel at something much bigger than yourself while being gracefully reminded of how small you really are.


The vast and rugged wilderness that goes on further than you can imagine will easily remind you of all of these simple facts and help you reflect on the magnitude of how amazing our world is in the most naturally beautiful way. 

On an Alaskan cruise, you will have to opportunity to curl up in warm fleece blankets while on deck, swim in temperate pools surrounded by the warmth and protection of a solarium, and be greeted with hot chocolate every time you return from port.

An Alaskan cruise is a very different experience from cruises to warm weather locations.  With the beauty of nature that makes up this beautiful state, this travel experience should be added to everyone’s bucket list.

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Is Alaska on your bucket list or have you already visited Alaska?  Share your thoughts on visiting the area in the comments below!

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