Like countless others, we could not wait to start traveling again. We have been anxious to get back out there, but finding places to go can present challenges. Lately, it seems there are so many things to consider. Location, budget, restrictions, safety, amenities… the list goes on and on. We found a great option that checked all of our boxes for a high-end, relaxing vacation in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! This resort was so enjoyable, we are sharing 10 great reasons to add The Scottsdale Plaza Resort to your vacation short list!

Scottsdale, Arizona is a city that has been on our “standby” list for years. We have looked at this destination often, but never booked. As we endured the final stretch of brutal winter accompanied by the pandemic and ensuing restrictions, we found ourselves craving sun, heat, and a little bit of high-end indulgences. We wanted to relax and read by a pool. Searching for the perfect trip led us back to Scottsdale, and the time was finally right to pull the trigger and book our vacation.

What You’ll Notice When Selecting Your Accommodation

If you’ve ever looked at trips to Scottsdale, there are two things that stick out. First being the fact that there are countless places to stay in the area. It can be a bit overwhelming to pick the perfect accommodation. There’s a little bit of everything in the city – from small hotels located in the heart of Old Town to sprawling, luxury resorts located miles off the beaten path. Having a lot of options can be good, but sometimes it is hard to know what is the best way to go.

The second thing you will notice about booking in Scottsdale is the price. Be prepared for some sticker shock! We saw plenty of rooms starting at nightly rates of $700+. Scottsdale is one of the most expensive cities in U.S.

When you are trying to find the perfect place to book when searching through the large selection of expensive properties in the area can be a bit much! Admittedly, it took us a bit of work to find and settle on our selected hotel, The Scottsdale Plaza Resort. It was a good selection and we enjoyed every minute of our stay at this resort!

10 Reasons To Add The Scottsdale Plaza Resort To Your Vacation Short List

1. Sprawling property size

At 40 acres, this property is quite large! In fact, they offer golf cart transportation to help guests navigate the space. Staff here will gladly help with luggage and show guests around the resort. Because of its size, there are many onsite amenities for guests to enjoy without feeling cramped. This also allows for a variety of room types scattered throughout the resort and nice amenities, which we will feature.

2. Close proximity to top restaurants

There are several great restaurants in the immediate area. Crossing Scottsdale Road takes guests to a plaza area that hosts a variety of places to eat. These range from outstanding Italian, a tapas restaurant, a wine bar, and more. About a mile down the road are more excellent restaurants include Paul Martin’s Grill and Blanco Tacos + Tequila, which became our instant favorite! There is also a Trader Joes and Walgreens should you decide to pick up some snacks or drinks to take back to your room. And, if you don’t feel like leaving the property, there are plenty of dining and lounge selections onsite!

3. Free shuttle

Not only does the Scottsdale Plaza Resort offer golf cart transportation throughout the property, but they provide free shuttle service in the immediate area. We used the shuttle multiple times daily and received rides to restaurants, Old Town, Fashion Square and a nearby golf course. Service is prompt and a great convenience. Bring some bills to tip your driver.

4. Budget friendly option

One of our biggest draws to this resort was the price point. While still expensive, it was far less than other comparable resorts in the area. We also found that the Scottsdale Plaza Resort offered us the most bang for our buck. This was determined by looking at the rooms, property amenities, location, resort fees, etc. These are all important considerations to plan a trip within your means.

5. Swimming pools

This place boasts 5 swimming pools. Many of the other places we came across had somewhere between 1-3. Even better is the fact that the pools are all open 24/7. And, there were several hot tubs too! Since we wanted to spend our days reading and relaxing by the pool, this was very important to us. Chairs still fill up quickly, but once you claim your spot its yours. We spent our days in the back pools which were a bit more chill than the main pool near the front of the resort.

6. Well manicured grounds

It is evident that the grounds crew takes pride in their work. The grounds of the Scottsdale Plaza Resort are lovely. There is a little bit of everything on the property. You’ll be able to enjoy native plants and abundant flowers throughout the property, as well as ample grassy areas to enjoy. There are spaces for lawn games like cornhole, soccer, volleyball and more. All these areas are also well-groomed. Fire pits are carefully maintained nearby for other gatherings.

7. Near Sky Harbor Airport

Phoenix is a large city and Scottsdale is just a small chunk of the entire sprawling metro area. Luckily, you won’t be too terribly far from the airport! We traveled on a busy holiday weekend and our commute time will still only about 30 minutes. Ease of access is a key factor in travel planning, especially when you’re short on time!

8. Villa suites

As we mentioned earlier, there are a variety of accommodation types at this resort. We picked a villa suite, which was located near the back of the property. In addition to appreciating a bit more solitude, but we enjoyed the extra space. Our suite had a large bedroom with a separate bathroom down the hall. We also had a wet bar with fridge and microwave, dining table, living space with a large couch and outdoor patio space.

9. Quiet surroundings

The Scottsdale Plaza Resort is located right on busy Scottsdale Road. Multiple lanes of traffic zip by non-stop. However, this resort is quiet. You really won’t hear the noise of the road when you’re settled on the property. This allows additional enjoyment and escape as you watch the sunset behind the mountains while crickets chirp.

10. Super clean

Earlier we mentioned how well manicured the property’s grounds are. It is also readily apparent how clean this resort is. Not only are rooms and common spaces spotless, but we noticed staff keeping everything in great shape. Pools are cleaned frequently, trashes are emptied, towels are stocked, messes are picked up and surfaces are wiped down and left shining.

With these 10 great reasons to add the Scottsdale Plaza Resort to your vacation shortlist, what are you waiting for? Arizona is a great state for soaking up the desert sun. With plenty to offer onsite and nearby, the Scottsdale Plaza Resort is a great spot to do it in!

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  1. The shuttle sounds like a huge positive! I love to have options of places to eat so that’s great too. Looks like a wonderful getaway!

  2. We had a short visit to Scottsdale and liked the area and certainly plan to go back. Good to get a view of another place to stay. We did indeed find it overwhelming to pick a spot and went with another blogger’s recommendation. We will certainly look at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort for a return visit. I like the idea of a shuttle and being close to lots of restaurant choices. A quiet spot with lots of outdoor space would be high on our selection criteria these days.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to stay and the rooms are absolutely massive! I love the idea of how easy the shuttle would make it to get around too.

  4. I’ve stayed at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort a couple of times! (In a “previous life,” we booked events in their meeting rooms.) Love the pools, but rarely had the time to enjoy them. Maybe time for a return visit!

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to Scottsdale so this sounds like a great accommodation. I love that they have free shuttle makes it nice not to have to rent a car which can make a vacation so much more expensive.

  6. This resort sounds like a very wise choice! Many resorts cost an arm and leg and don’t offer much. But, this one seems to be the needle in the haystack. I will have to save this article!

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