Got your attention, didn’t I? But, this post is about different hot, wet, and wild activities. I’m talking about some exciting nature and adventure activities in Costa Rica!  One of the great things about traveling is that you’re allowed to get into different elements where you can see and experience different things.  How you choose to experience things is up to you, but we like a bit of adventure with a twist of nature, and a hint of relaxation.  During our time exploring Costa Rica, we enjoyed our encounters with everything this beautiful country had to offer.  We were surprised at the distinct ways we were able to get hot, wet, and wild during our trip!

Hot – Ecothermales Thermal Pools


After a day of activities, nothing feels better than soaking the night away in the Ecothermales Thermal Pools.  Yes, that’s right…. I said chilly!  We visited Costa Rica in February and it was cold!  Located within the forest outside La Fortuna and not far from the base of Arenal Volcano, this is the perfect setting for hanging out with friends and family, or just to relax and soak the day away. There are several different pools here, all of which vary in temperature and are staggered down a hillside. The hottest pool is up top, and the water from each pool cascades into the next one until it reaches its coolest point at the lowest pool.  The middle pool has built-in stone loungers, which are a great spot to enjoy the atmosphere!  The minerals in the water are said to have restorative properties, and it is best not to shower right away to allow for maximum absorption into your system. The site has plenty of clean changing rooms and lockers to store items, as well as a restaurant and bar.  Give yourself several hours to spend here.  Your muscles and joints will thank you as you walk away full rejuvenated and refreshed! 

A fruity toast to Ecothermales Mineral Pools!

Wet – Monteverde Cloud Forest Canopy Tour

This cloud forest canopy tour at Selvatura Adventure Park included a walking tour of the hanging bridges, as well as a fantastic zip line experience.  This area is very important as it is protected cloud forest which is essential to Costa Rica’s ecosystem.  The area is home to beautiful hummingbirds and butterflies, fantastic trees and tropical plants, and a variety of animals.  We spent our day here soaking wet!  It was maybe about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and was pouring rain and misty the entire time.  It was a cold and wet Costa Rican experience, but the adventure in store for us made it completely worth it!

Marveling at the Monteverde Cloud Forest

Located above the clouds near Santa Elena in the Monteverde region of Costa Rica, this was also the most wild and wonderful zip lining experience we have ever had!  Imagine gliding down cables that are so high up, you are actually going over the tops of the trees and through the clouds from platform to platform. This allows for incredible canopy views and cloud mist in your face! Remember, not only will you get wet from the mist in your face, but you will also contend with the rain here. We were completely soaked for this. Wear a rain jacket, quick dry pants, waterproof shoes, and dark clothing!  For those who like a bit of extra adrenaline, be sure to bring your sense of adventure do two things!


Spend the extra $10.00 USD to upgrade to the Superman option.  You will not regret it!!  On the final zip line, you will go soaring like superman – on your stomach, head first.  This is the longest and fastest of all the cables, blasting riders over the 1,000km of tree tops at speeds of 66km per hour. While you may freak out a bit, don’t bother screaming. No one can hear you once you disappear into the misty abyss of clouds!  

Flying at top speeds through the Cloud Forest is exhilarating! 


Say yes when they ask you if you want to try the Tarzan Swing! It is just a few feet off the normal zip-line pathway and up a flight of stairs to a different platform. They will get you safely harnessed in, walk you to the edge to ensure proper positioning, and push you off the 30 foot drop.  After a few seconds of free falling, the line will catch allowing you to swing out in an arch high into the cloud forest canopy just like Tarzan! Give it your best Tarzan yell! 

Getting ready for the superman zip line feels a bit like wearing a penguin suit.

Wild – Cano Negro Boat Tour

Cano Negro is a wildlife refuge area on the Rio Frio near the border of Nicaragua.  Taking a boat tour in this remote area will show you a vast array of natural marshy habitat that is essential to Costa Rica’s ecosystem.  There is so much biodiversity here!  

If you look closely, you can see the baby hanging off her chest!

Would you notice this caiman lurking near the shore?

Visitors to the area are in for a wildlife viewing treat!  Because there is such limited development in this natural area, plants and animals of all types thrive here.  We saw everything from fish, lizards, birds, caiman, iguanas, sloths, and multiple varieties of monkeys!  In fact, we even saw a capuchin monkey eating an iguana!  Who knew!?!

I never knew a monkey would eat an iguana until this happened!

As you work your way up the river toward Nicaragua, there is one thing that is important to remember when you get to the border.  Do not get out of the boat to take pictures near the sign.  While this may be tempting, there have been several instances of people being held for illegally entering Nicaragua at this location when they take a picture.  The ransom for release is about $200.00 USD per person.  You can get a lovely picture from the safety of the boat!

Stay in the boat – you can still get pictures without the risk of being held for ransom!

If you’re looking to get hot, wet, and wild in Costa Rica, you can’t go wrong with these amazing experiences.  Each activity has plenty of booking options to choose from directly through the providers or even through third-party booking sites.  It is a great experience to get out in nature and enjoy the immense eco-tourism opportunities offered.  Enjoy!

Curious where we stayed during our time in Costa Rica?  Here are our recommended hotels!

San Jose – Tryp by Wyndham Sabana

La Fortuna – Arenal Paraiso Resort and Spa

Monteverde – Monteverde Country Lodge

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  1. Love this! I am so there at the hot springs, I will probably do the canopy walk and cry doing it, but you can keep the jungle swing haha. The animals are incredible (as I always knew they would be here) and yes I can see the little baby holding on to it’s Mummy awwwww. #feetdotravel

  2. Seeing a lot on Costa Rica at the moment and its making my feet twitch. I love to get into the forest areas but I got to find a good raincoat. Love the fact you were drinks next to the springs or is it a waterfall in the photo? Would love to cross that bridge, good job looking down doesnt affect me 😀

  3. I’ve wanted to go to Costa Rica after I was talking to someone who recently came back and she loved it. The natural beauty of this country is breathtaking. I would so love to do the cloud forest canopy tour but I wouldn’t be brave enough for the superman experience!

  4. I loved the title of this. Would definitely want to experience the thermal pools. I think I may stay at the top in the hot one though. We did a canopy tour when we last visited Costa Rica. But the Tarzan swing looks fun.

  5. I love Costa Rica. Our trip there was one of my all-time favorites. I loved the Arenal thermal pools. We did not get to Monteverde as we were at the end of rainy season and mudslides were an issue, so we did other canopy tours – hanging bridges and zip lines. I agree with you – zip lining in Costa Rica was the best zip lining experience. Not sure I would have liked the Superman option though, but the Tarzan swing would get my interest. We also did river tours and saw monkeys, but it was in Guanacaste, and as far as I know there was no issue with getting captured by Nicaraguans there. Nobody would think of getting out of our boat with all the crocs all around.

  6. Reading about the superman zipline made my stomach turn. Exhilarating, yet frightening at the same time. Not sure I could do it. The Tarzan swing seems more approachable, but I’m still a little chicken for it too. That said, the natural beauty is amazing. So green and clean. The Ecothermales Thermal Pools are right up my alley.

  7. I think that I’d definitely spend most of my time at the Ecothermales Thermal Pools! It sounds so amazing and relaxing. But I would also love to do the Superman zip line option and the Tarzan swing ofcourse!! 😁😁

  8. The thermal pools and canopy tour looks relaxing and fun to try. Although I am having second thoughts about trying the Superman zip line and the Tarzan swing as I’m afraid of heights. But who knows? This might be the chance to face my fear of heights. The boat tour in the wildlife looks like a thrilling and exciting experience! Thanks for the heads up too about not getting out of the boat to take pictures of the sign.

  9. Wow what an adventure. I once experienced a thermal pool, just dipped my feet for a while and it was so relaxing. I may avoid the zipline though 😛 🙂

  10. I had moved to Costa Rica after almost one year in Honduras. Compared to the other Central American states I’ve been to Costa Rica is just so….organized and well of. I especially liked how they appreciated their natural treasures.

  11. Costa Rica is such a blast! We didn’t make it to Monteverde, but zipling through the cloud forest looks like so much fun!

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