After visiting many islands in the Caribbean, I would have to say my award for the most beautiful water goes to Turks and Caicos!  It is so beautiful, it nearly put me in a trance… I could not stop staring at it!  Our adventure in Grand Turk took us over and under the water and was action packed from start to finish.  If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a day in the area, you must try the Ultimate Land and Sea Adventure through Chukka tours.  As this was tour was both “ultimate” and was going to give us thrills By Land and Sea (wink, wink), we had to give it a try!

We started our day with the sea portion of our adventure!  Snorkeling, which is always such an enjoyable activity for all levels, was the first order of business.  Even if you can’t swim or have never snorkeled before, the guides will take special care with you to ensure a comfortable time in the water.  They provided everything you might need including life vest which you could inflate or deflate according to your personal comfort level.  We also liked that this was the perfect opportunity for us to try out our new waterproof camera!  We found the perfect one that is reliable and easy to carry!

From there, we were whisked down a dusty road for the rest of our adventure – all by land!  First activity on the agenda was an aerial challenge course.  This course was super physically challenging!  We started our way up the course with a rock climbing wall before scampering up a net bridge.  It was harder than it looks as the buckles on on harnesses would snag in the net and we’d have to free ourselves as we moved upward. 

From there, it was a quick hop into a basket about 50 feet in the air before jumping over to the next platform.  At this point it was time to test both balance and upper body strength by crossing over a series of wobbly bridges and net challenges, darting from platform to platform.  While safety is their number one priority and you are harnessed and secured at all times, the prospect of falling is a bit nerve wracking at times!

The end of the challenge course led to the first of several zip lines.  I was so caught up in the beauty of the water passing by below me, I was wishing that first zip line would go on for miles and miles over the turquoise water.  Several more zip line opportunities allowed for the chance to spin and bounce while gliding through the salty ocean air.

After this, we were off for a horseback ride along the beach.  Horses are my second favorite animal and I was thrilled at the chance to get to ride one again!  While it’s been several years since either of us have saddled up, these horses were very gentle and easy to ride.  We enjoyed even more spectacular views of the Caribbean waves crashing into the island’s shoreline.

Our final activity was a dune buggy outing.  Let me tell you, it was super dusty, but we had a blast!  We sped our way down the dirt road to the nearby dunes and trails.  This is a great mix of 4×4 action and speed.  When we finished with our ride, we were completely covered in dust and dirt.  The only thing on our mind was getting in the shower.

Of course, we couldn’t leave before loving on the adorable wild donkeys that were roaming around the area.  They were just the sweetest little things!

This activity takes about 4 hours and because of the activities involved, you get very dirty.  We recommend either signing up for the afternoon session or heading straight to the beach afterwards!  Or, why not do both!  There is plenty of time at the end of this for swimming, relaxing on the beach, or checking out some shops.

 We had a blast spending our day in Turks and Caicos! 

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    1. That’s impressive that you had a course like this in middle school! It was great, but it was definitely a challenge in some parts!

  1. Wow! I would love to zipline here, and then I saw the horseback riding photo. That would be my #1 choice of what to enjoy here. Horses on the beach — so fun!

  2. The Grand Turk look like the ultimate adventure from land and sea. Doing an obstacle course, dune riding, horseback riding, snorkeling with your cool new camera and my favorite zip-lining. So sad to hear about the damage from Hurricane Irma and I agree we need to go to these places once they are up and running. What a cool trip! #feetdotravel

  3. We loved Grand Turk as well, and I absolutely agree with you about the water! What an exciting trip you did! I would love to ride a horse along the beach but I’m scared if the height (yes my dear of heights is that bad!). I hope to overcome this one day so I can do this! Pinned #feetdottavel

  4. I wouldn’t do that zip course, whether I was facing my fears or not! Seems like there is lots of adventure on Turks. I’ve never been to the Caribbean though, so I can’t comment!!

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