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How To Travel Nearly Paper Free In Europe

Planning big trips can be really involved and paper intensive.  From tickets, reservations, maps, paper money, journals, and more, there can be a lot of paper to keep track of. I really don’t like carting around excessive amounts of paper with our personal information on them, nor do I like having to keep various papers …

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Exploring Chichen Itza! A Spectacular Wonder of the Ancient World

The whole thought and history behind it was so intriguing to me.  I couldn’t wait to get there, and we loved our day in Chichen Itza.  Spending a day in Chichen Itza will take you back in time through dense jungles to the world of the ancient Mayans.  It’s a world of incredible genius, astronomy, …

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National Park Highlight – Yellowstone tips and tricks

In 2016, America’s National Parks will be celebrating their 100th birthday!  With this in mind, I wrote a post a month from March through August, highlighting five of the national parks we have been to.  As Yellowstone National Park is our country’s first national park, my first post is on YNP!