Solo travel has made headlines for years. Even more aspirational is solo female travel. We are all for it, but we believe it is even better to travel as a couple. By Land and Sea is a travel blog for working couples interested in affordable luxury, sustainable travel and a wide variety of ways to explore the world! We would be remiss if we didn’t share a post about the major perks of traveling as a couple!

While the thought of traveling solo may appeal to some, there are many couples who would enjoy traveling together more. In fact, couples that travel together have the potential to reap some impressive benefits, including the sheer enjoyment of sharing a special experience with your partner. We are calling attention to perks of traveling with your partner:

5 Major Perks

While solo travel has made headlines for years, more and more people are choosing to travel together. This isn’t just because couples are happier together than solo travelers — it’s also because solo travel has a few issues in its own right. If that’s your thing, then that’s great! But we’re all about couples’ travel! Here’s a few reasons why!

  1. You can do more things together
  2. You save money on things hotels and meals
  3. You’ll get to know each other better
  4. You can make memories together
  5. Traveling together makes you feel closer than ever before

Traveling as a couple can be a special experience. You can share that moment when you hear your favorite song in an unknown city after exploring the streets, you can say “take a picture of us!” to random people and share those memorable moments, you can have someone to make fun of you for getting lost!

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

The times that we celebrated the most in our travels were the moments when we did so as a couple. If you’re a couple looking to try out a new travel experience, then there are some excellent reasons to travel as a couple. There have been plenty of new experiences which one of us has found a bit nerve-wracking or out of our comfort zone. It has been so nice to have the reassurance and support of each other to tackle these new experiences together.

One specific example comes to mind when we visited the Dominican Republic and participated in the 27 Waterfalls of Damajauga experience. I couldn’t bring myself to jump off the largest, 25-foot, waterfall. But as my hubby encouraged me from below, I finally did! I’m not sure I would have tackled this fear (falling from heights) without him encouraging me from below.

Traveling with someone who understands your needs and wants will make your trip way more enjoyable. You will share experiences, talk about what makes you happy, and help each other make the best of it. You can make each other laugh, you can comfort each other when things get tough, and you can be there for one another when needed.

Distribute the Load

Additionally, we find that we each bring different strengths to the various aspects of travel. One of us tends to focus more on the logistics like booking flights, finding great hotels, and researching fun activities. The other spends time planning restaurants and does the driving and navigating as we explore various cities. It is super beneficial to help distribute the load that comes with exploring new places.

On top of these, there are hundreds of additional perks that many people experience when they travel as a couple, making the experience even more enjoyable. From the intimacy and closeness of traveled to the new experiences and knowledge gained from exploring this new destination with someone you love; these experiences are enjoyed by many couples with two or more passports.

Traveling together is a great way to strengthen a couple’s relationship, allowing you to spend quality time with one another. When done right, it can lead to reduced stress and tension in your relationship, which is especially helpful after the hectic holiday season.

There are countless other benefits to traveling together, such as seeing the world through each other’s eyes, discovering things about each other you may have never realized, and of course, saving money with discounted accommodations and deals on everything from restaurants to activities. If you’re thinking about taking a trip with your significant other, there are numerous vacation ideas for couples all over the world already built into most major cities. The lasting memories will be worth it.

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  1. This is a great point of view. There are some advantages of solo travel, but it is great to have someone to travel with and make some memories together!

  2. I love this post! My husband and I love traveling together. He is my favorite travel buddy! We go on a “big trip” every year for our anniversary and tell people the secret to marriage is going on a honeymoon every year! Haha. It’s such a great way to make memories together, try new things, and have great one-on-one time away from all the distractions of life.

  3. Great post! My boyfriend and I backpacked together for a year and everyone always asked how we could manage it but in reality I don’t think either of us could have gone solo!

  4. My husband and I will be empty nesters soon and I am pretty much looking forward to it. We have had some great adventures together lately in Cinque Terre, Switzerland, and Tahiti.

  5. That is definitely encouraging ..sounds like you guys had a good time !😊.. not sure if I will ever have the courage to jump a 25 foot waterfall even if my partner encourages 😂

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