It’s important to note that not everyone is a golfer. That’s okay! Incorporating a round of golf into your next tropical trip is still a great activity! Generally speaking, guests can drive the golf cart without having to pay any fees to be on the course. This is a great way to get outside for a few hours and spend time with family and friends in a beautiful spot. Perhaps, while you’re there, you can critique your party members’ golf swings and help to keep score. Even helping to repair divots can be a fun little activity for non-game playing travelers. Regardless of your skill or interest level, here are three golf courses you’ll want to spend time at during your trip.

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Golf lessons are plentiful and can suit even the most beginning golfer. Even as a non-golfer, these spots have great scenery and offer the opportunity to be outside for a few hours. Being on fairways that are lined with palm trees instead of pine trees is a great break from the routine. Golf is a great way to incorporate a bit of moderate activity into your vacation too.

Here are three great golf courses to add to your next tropical trip:

Kapalua Golf – The Plantation Course – Maui, Hawaii

This highly rated Hawaiian beauty is a PGA course! Plenty of high-end tournaments have been hosted on this course. But, the average everyday golfer is also still able to enjoy their time here too. A round of golf here takes players from three lined fairways to oceanside greens.

Royal St. Kitts Golf Club – Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis

Just a short drive from the heart of Basseterre is the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club. This course is adjacent to the ocean and offers sweeping Caribbean views and cooling sea breezes. There are a variety of greens here – both fast and slow – that keep guests working on their game.

The Links at Divi Aruba Golf Course – Oranjestad, Aruba

While not located directly on the beach, this golf course still has a well-planned layout and beautiful views. Golfers are surrounded by the Divi Resort properties and its residents. The lush grounds have water features and are well landscaped with plenty of tropical plants and flowers.

Tips For Saving Money On Golf While Traveling

Even if you don’t take your clubs with you, it is still possible to work in a quick game while traveling. Many courses are highly rated and offer pricing to match. Golf can be a bit expensive of a hobby, so here are our tips to help cut the costs of the vacation add on:

  • Pack a few golf tees, a small box of balls, and your glove from home. These things don’t take up much space in your luggage, but can save you some cash instead of buying them in the clubhouse.
  • Be sure to pack a polo shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. This will allow you to meet dress code at almost any tropical golf course without having to buy something from the pro shop.
  • Walk if you can. Not only will you save some money by skipping the cart rental, but you’ll get more exercise.
  • Fill up your water bottle and grab a snack before leaving the hotel.
  • See if the course you’re considering offers any specials. Oftentimes, people can golf on weekday afternoons (which are of course the hottest part of the day) or evenings for less than morning or weekend tee times.

Sustainable Insights

Golf courses are not the most environmentally friendly options out there. To reduce negative impacts there are a few things you as a traveler can do.

  • Search for golf courses that use native trees and plants, as well as xeriscaping.
  • Seek out facilities that use grey water instead of fresh water to maintain the course.
  • The fewer fancy water features you see, the better – think fountains and spray nozzles in ponds.
  • Be sure to tip your caddy. They are a local employee and likely rely on tips for their income source.
  • If you are driving, keep your carts on designated paths and repair any divots you’ve created during your game.
  • Dispose of your trash properly. Don’t let it blow out of your cart and onto the golf course property.

Looking for the perfect hotel for your golf trip? Here are our recommendations in Maui and Aruba:

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua – Maui, Hawaii

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino – Palm Beach, Aruba

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  1. None of my family are golfers but our good friend is a fanatic and I know he played at the course you mention in Hawaii. What amazing views!!

  2. MOH is an avid golfer, and I’ve dabbled every now and then, but can take it or leave it. But when we went to Kuaui to get married and have a honeymoon I did have a round of golf with him. It was such a lovely setting and beautiful landscape, it was enjoyable .. although I think me hacking a golf ball left and right wasn’t as enjoyable for my husband to watch! Oh well … we created good memories. 🙂

    1. You don’t have to be a great golfer (I certainly am not) to have a great time making memories like that!

  3. Golfing is not something I have any talent for, but you’re right there are some amazing golf courses out there and these three look great. Tbh, give me a buggy to drive and I’m happy 😊

  4. I’m not what you would call a golfer, but when in the Caribbean it is definitely an activity I would do. Just being out in the tropical air would make it so much better. I also have to say how much I loved the topic of this post. I havent seen another like it.

  5. You’ve highlight a number of beautiful locations to play golf. However, I’d be more interested in exploring and enjoying the locations for completely different reasons.

  6. Unusual but very enjoyable post! Golf is the perfect activity for ‘not-so-young’ bloggers – opportunities for lots of walking, swinging and socializing. Love the golfing locations you have featured here next to ocean and with great views!:-)

  7. Not a golfer but once a golf widow. Used to love staying at golf resorts to get rid of the then other half for a while. The course in St Kitts & Nevis was gorgeous!

  8. I’m officially the world’s worst golfer (I can barely make contact with the ball), but my other half has been playing since he was a kid. I’ll have to show him this post – he can play and I’ll ride around on the golf cart and take pictures! 😀

  9. I’m not a golfer, but I sure to love this scenery! I’d be happy to sit at the clubhouse, sip a glass of wine, and watch everyone else enjoy the course!

  10. I’m not a golfer, but my husband and father are – these courses look amazing! We’ll have to check some out. I’d be more than happy to snap photos and relax while the guys golf!

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