The Perfect Mountain Town For A Weekend Getaway

Nestled high in the Colorado mountains and located just to the west of Rocky Mountain National Park is Estes Park.  Small mountain towns all tend to be very similar – buildings no more than three floors high, old fashion candy shops on main street, upscale dining options, and relatively expensive hotels.  I’ve visited plenty of these little spots in my life and I even lived in one for a while, and they really are all very similar in their appeal. 

Estes Park has all of these things, but it is exceptionally fun and charming.  It really is the perfect mountain town for a Rocky Mountain weekend getaway.  There’s no shortage of things to do in town!  We loaded our bikes in our truck and spent ample time riding the trail around Lake Estes.  It was pretty chilly and the area had suffered some substantial flooding in the days prior to our arrival, but we loved checking out the scenery!


One of our favorite things was riding the tram up to the mountain top.  The tram cars are really cute and fun to ride in, and the views at the top are to die for!


Not only do you get a bird’s eye view of the town, but awe-inspiring views of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Colorado wilderness.

dsc03617 These views made one thing clear: we could not wait to head into Rocky Mountain National Park and see all the beauty up close!


Rocky Mountain National Park is huge!  We spent a day there and barely broke the surface of this park.DSC03666.JPG  To read more about it, click here!


If you remember Stephen King’s movie, The Shining, you may also recognize The Stanley Hotel.  I will never forget that movie as it terrified me as a child, and driving onto the property was enough to stir my overly active imagination!   They offer haunted tours!


Estes Park is also home to wineries, breweries, go-karts, putt-putt golf, fishing, wildlife spotting, and so much more.  If you’re looking for a weekend away in a quintessential mountain town, Estes Park is for you!

We drove in from Loveland on what seemed to me like the most winding, curvy road I’ve been on, so take your time and drive cautiously.  The views of the Big Thompson River during the drive are also lovely!


While there’s many places to stay, we picked the Estes Park Resort because we wanted to be right on Lake Estes and would highly recommend this hotel!


Enjoying the views from our balcony

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