If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, you know that this is Sin City!  While it is said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I assure you that not everything here is as scandalous as it may seem.  Everyone seeks different experiences when they travel, but if you are looking to spend time in Vegas that doesn’t involve drinking yourself into oblivion or ending up owing thousands of dollars to a bookie, there are still plenty of things to do here!  Need help deciding what to do?  We’ve compiled a list of 15 things to do in Las Vegas that don’t involve drinking or gambling.

1.Check out the hotels

This massive crystal chandelier can be found inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Personally, I really appreciate the effort that goes into these hotels.  Not only are the common areas spotless, but the themes and decor are always painstakingly considered and cared for.  From large vases filled with beautiful flowers, to sculptures and stained glass work, and even seasonal displays, the overall vision of the various hotel themes have the ability to transport guests to different locales in just a few miles of Las Vegas Blvd.  Where else in the world can you stroll by the Grand Canals of Venice, pass through the glitz and glam of Monte Carlo, witness exploding volcanoes, and pick up a fresh baguette at a Parisienne boulangerie before crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, all in one day.

2. The Big Apple Rollercoaster

While there are a variety of thrill rides throughout the Strip, the Big Apple Rollercoaster wins our vote for the best!  It offers incredible views, steep drops, and corkscrew turns, all from the comfort of the cutest little yellow taxi rollercoaster cars.  We take this wild ride pretty much every time we are here.

3. Bellagio Conservatory of Flowers

As I mentioned earlier, the hotels showcase considerable pride and care in the themes and decor they showcase.  However, one of the most beautifully well-manicured spots on the Strip is the Bellagio’s Conservatory of Flowers.  I cannot imagine the imagination, planning, execution, and care it must take to create and maintain these floral displays.  The curators go to great lengths to showcase the beautiful flowers through their expressive designs.  In all of my visits, never once have I spotted a wilted flower here.

4. Stratosphere

The location of the Stratosphere is not ideal, but there are plenty of things to do here for thrill seekers.  The rides on top are perfect for anyone who wants to test their fear factor!  Not your thing?  Check out the observation deck, or skip the lines (and the admission price) and head to 107 Sky Lounge instead.

5. Eiffel Tower

While it is not as large or authentic as its original counterpart, this is still an enjoyable spot to take in the city views.  It also gives a great vantage point to watch the shows below at the Bellagio water fountains.

6. Go Kart Racing

While located a short distance off the Strip, indoor go kart racing is a great alternative to the normal Vegas activities.  We had a blast zipping around the track at top speeds trying to beat one another to the finish line!

7. Free shows at Bellagio, Mirage, Treasure Island, and Caesar’s Palace

Many hotels have free shows that occur at designated times. These range from animated statues to swashbuckling pirates!  If you happen to be walking by, why not stop and enjoy the free show?  Speaking of which, I’ve heard rumors that the Bellagio is getting rid of their fountains – has anyone else heard this?!

8. Indoor Skydiving

Also located a short distance off the Strip, you can try indoor skydiving.  Be sure to reserve your spot early as they often sell out.  If you’d like to read more about my experience with this, CLICK HERE!

9. Catch a show

One of the reasons I think Vegas is a great place to visit is because there is always something to do here.  With that in mind, there are no shortage of shows going on at any given time.  This is a great way to see some headliners like when my hubby surprised me with tickets to see Celine Dion!  There’s also magic shows, acrobatics, comedies, and even Broadway style productions.

10. High Roller at the Linq

One of the newer additions to the Strip, the High Roller is one of many observation wheels that keep popping up around the globe.  Plan your visit here around dusk to see the sun set behind Mt. Charleston.

11. Explore Fremont Street

I will openly admit that in all my visits to Las Vegas, I’ve only been to Fremont Street twice!  However, the vibe here is totally different than the Strip and feels reminiscent of the “old Vegas” that I remember from being a kid.  I mean… some casino signs still have real lightbulbs that blink, instead of just flashing neon LED’s.  The Fremont Street Experience is really cool and ziplining down it is a blast too.

12. Take a helicopter tour

Vegas offers a host of different helicopter tour packages.  While ours took us to the Grand Canyon, we still did a flyover of the Strip before returning to the heliport.  The views are incredible!  Packages like this generally include hotel pick up in a stretch limo, giving you a taste of what it’s like to be a high roller.

13. Visit a nearby area

Speaking of going to the Grand Canyon, there are plenty of areas within a short distance from Las Vegas that make great day trips.  If you have time in your schedule to get out of the city for a bit, do it!  On our most recent trip, we explored Red Rock Canyon, where it actually snowed!  This spot is just west of Las Vegas and is full of beautiful scenery, making it well worth the visit.

14. People watch

Let me be the first to say that Las Vegas is full of some very interesting people.  While it used to be rare to see locals in costume on the Strip trying to make a buck, this is quite common now.  It is interesting to watch them, as well as watch the tourists’ interactions with them.  Additionally, you can witness many wedding photo shoots, especially in places like the Bellagio and Paris, lots of debauchery, and other interesting behaviors on the Strip.

15. Cool off in the hotel pool

Other than the lifeguard, I had the pool at South Point Resort all to myself!

One thing is certain, Vegas can get very, very hot!  Sometimes I think this city must have been built on the surface of the sun.  With that in mind, sometimes cooling off at the hotel pool is the best way to spend a few hours.  Carrying on with theme of the overall hotel, the pools are generally very well thought out and maintained, making them quite enjoyable places.  They can range from luxurious oasis’s to party havens depending on where you are staying.

While some of these things are free, others are not and some of the fees can be pricey.  While I know plenty of people who spend a fortune in Las Vegas, we simply do not believe that has to be the case. Much of this depends on travel styles and personal preferences, but Vegas really can be an affordable place to get away for a few days.  If you’re asking how I can possibly be saying this, keep reading!!

Admittedly, we are lucky because we have a low cost airline with direct flights to Vegas.  However, they still try to nickel and dime you, so CLICK HERE to read how we saved over $120 on our flights.  Another consideration is that we do have friends that recently moved here and have hosted us on our last few trips.  But, we’ve been to Vegas plenty of times when this was not the case and have learned a thing or two about cutting costs.

My #1 Tip For Saving Money In Las Vegas – COUPON, COUPON, COUPON!!!

When most people travel, it seems the last thing they think of is scouring the internet prior to their trip for coupons they can use at their destination.  Friends, you are spending way more money in Vegas than you need to if you aren’t couponing!  Google is your best friend here.  Have an activity you want to do?  Google search the activity name + coupons and you’ll be amazed what you come up with.  You will find deals for activities, entertainment, food, and more.  Print those puppies out and pack them with you!  I easily take 20 printed coupons with me for each trip to Vegas.  Also check sites Viator, Groupon, and TravelZoo to see if they are running any special deals.  Lastly, I highly recommend you order a coupon book from The Las Vegas Advisor.  These cost about $37 to buy and must be purchased in advance to allow for mailing time.  There are usually great deals in here including lots of 2-for-1 specials!  If you tend to be super frugal like I am, sell the remaining coupons “as-is” on eBay for a discounted price to recoup some of the purchase cost of this book.  By searching out coupons and deals, I don’t think we’ve ever paid full price for most meals or any activity in Vegas.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do here that doesn’t involve drinking or gambling.  Add in coupons and discounts and it is easy to see why you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with your Vegas vacation!

What are your favorite things to do in Las Vegas that don’t involve drinking or gambling?  Share them in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: All opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the couponing tip! I have not given thought to that. Groupon does not have good deals in Vegas (in my opinion, it is more for locals). Other activities include the Neon Museum, the Mob Museum and the murals of Downtown. #feetdotravel

    1. We had a great deal on hot air ballooning from Groupon, but couldn’t go due to weather. Hoping to make it to the neon museum on our next visit!

  2. I always saw Vegas as a place for gambling and partying, but I guess there is much more to do and see. Thanks for sharing, and for the advice on the coupons, I think it will come in handy 😉

    1. It really can be a party haven – it all just depends on what you like to do. I’m glad there’s tons of choices. And yes, the coupon tip really makes a difference!

  3. This is an awesome list – I was in Vegas a couple of years back and didn’t really do any gambling (ok I put $30 in a slot machine and lost it all within a few seconds) so I could have definitely done with this list! The hotel lobbies are fantastic aren’t they? They all look beautiful!

    1. You sound like us – each good for about $20. I just hate to throw money away like that! Good thing there’s plenty of other things to do here!

  4. This is perfect for us! We don’t really like gambling. The helicopter tour sounds good! The flowers are so pretty! We would totally visit the Bellagio conservatory and also explore the nearby areas.

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