Fruit and Flowers: My Two Favorite Things At Pike’s Place Market

Head toward the waterfront from almost any downtown Seattle street and before long, you’ll see it!  The iconic Pike’s Place Market!  This large farmer’s market is world renown, especially for it’s fish mongers who throw the latest purchase across the displays much to the crowd’s delight.  Pike’s Place Market is large and filled with everything from handcrafted soaps, fresh honey and jams to meats and cheeses, and so much more. It’s a shopper’s delight and the kitschy arcade themed vendor stalls make it even more fun to explore.  My two favorite things here were the fruit stands and flower displays! 

Let’s start with the fruit.  I love fresh, sweet, juicy fruit.  Especially in the heart of spring when I’ve been settling for the limited selection of winter fruit that has been imported from thousands of miles away for months and months.  Really, there’s nothing better than good, locally grown, in-season fruit!


I was blown away when I saw some of the fruit on display at the market.  I’ve never seen strawberries so large or tasted peaches so sweet!  The produce here is absolutely pristine and mouthwatering.  I only wish I had the opportunity to shop here every weekend!


The other thing I loved probably more than the fruit were the flower displays.  I’m the type of girl who just loves flower and seeing so many of them on display was just beautiful!  Much like the fruit, the flowers were in pristine condition with bright, fragrant blooms and full of wonderful colors!


The blooms are huge, and the variety of colors and flower types is equally impressive.  The scent of the flowers is even enough to overpower the fish odor that hangs in the air.  What shocked me the most about these bouquets was the price.  You can buy a large bouquet filled with peonies, tulips, lilies and more for $10.00!  It is impossible to resist these beautiful flowers!


If you’re going to Seattle, be sure to head to Pike’s Place Market to take in the beautiful flower displays and sample some of the amazing locally grown fruit!   You won’t be able to restrain yourself from buying a little something, but with quality and prices like this, why would you want to resist?!?!  The market is so much fun, it’s easy to see why it’s a top attraction!!

Once you’re in this immediate area, you’ll also be able to have some amazing food (be sure to check out Biscuit Bitch for breakfast – we highly recommend it!), catch the line at the original Starbucks, and head to Post Alley to leave behind a little sticky memento at the famous and equally gross Gum Wall!  Overall, this is a great location to spend a day in Seattle!


Have you been to Pike’s Place Market?  If so, comment below with your favorite things you discovered while there!

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