Why You Must Try Jamaican Bobsledding

Do you remember when Jamaica first announced they were going to have a bobsledding team in the winter Olympics?  What about the movie Cool Runnings?  As unbelievable as it may seem Jamaica has a bobsled team!

So, when in Jamaica, why not participate in this great event?  Ok, it isn’t exactly bobsledding, but it’s pretty dang close!  After all, the original team got its start from pushcart races, so you have to start somewhere!


Outside of Ocho Rios is a fun little stop called Mystic Mountain.  Here not only will you find bobsledding, but you can enjoy a small museum, infinity pool with sweeping views of Ocho Rios and the Caribbean Sea, and even have lunch and drinks.

The ride to the top of Mystic Mountain is an old ski lift.  Although this lift goes about 70 feet in the air, it has a little safety bar for an added sense of security.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride!  Where else can you take a ski lift to the top of a mountain in the middle of a lush, tropical rain forest?


The bobsled ride itself is so much fun!!  There are two sleds hooked together – one controls the brake (and therefore the speed) and the other car does nothing but get pulled along for the ride.  I picked the back car because I wanted to take pictures.

dscn2121When we were about to get pushed out onto the track they asked us how fast we wanted to go… Just a note that if you tell them you want to go “really fast”, they will gather up a few more guys to have more manpower pushing you down the track.  We went really fast and my hubby didn’t hit the brakes once!  What a ride!!!


You will rush at top speeds down the mountain, through the rainforest, and race around curves and corners at speeds that rival many rollercoasters.


Some of the dips and dives literally take the breath out of you!  It was so much fun, I couldn’t stop laughing the entire way down!

At the end, your sleds will be hoisted back up to the top where you can ride again (for an reduced cost), have lunch, or just relax at the pool and slide.  When you’re ready to leave, just take the ski lift ride back down the mountain!


As a tip, this ride is short.  If you are going to Mystic Mountain from Montego Bay, anticipate over an hour drive each way.  There are other activities in the area you might be interested in doing as well like zip lining and climbing the infamous Dunn’s River Falls.  Many of these items are offered in combo tours and are all things you must try, especially Jamaican bobsledding!!

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