Chihuly Gardens – A Must While In Seattle


If you’ve ever visited Seattle, you will agree that it lives up to the stereotypes of being wet, rainy, and a little dreary.  There is, however, an incredibly bright and visually stunning spot in the midst of all the grey that makes up this sprawling city – Chihuly Gardens.  If you are looking for a way to spend some time in the city, be sure to add this to your list of “to-do’s” in Seattle!

Located next to the Space Needle and the EMO Museum, there’s plenty going on in the area and its worth the short walk from the city-center.


The glass displays at Chihuly Gardens are incredible!  They have so many vibrant colors, intricate designs, and are so impressive!!


Do you see the beauty of the ocean in this piece?


You’ll notice that every single piece on display is completely spotless.  There is not a single speck of dust, smudge, or a flaw anywhere to be found.


Don’t rock the boat!


The mounting techniques are equally impressive, giving off the illusion that the pieces are weightless and effortlessly sprouting from their displays.


What balance and movement!


The use of light in the dark spaces makes these pieces glow and the colors pop even more. It is electric!


Even the pieces that are located outdoors make you wonder how they withstand the weather and elements without being damaged.


Glass making is a highly-skilled and involved process that requires a special touch and patience while working with the delicate material. It takes a lot of training just to learn the basics principles of glass making.

Knowing the time and effort that goes into making a basic vase, seeing something as involved as Chihuly Garden gives you an even greater appreciation for these incredible works of art.


The glass shards on this piece are piercingly sharp

Admission to the gardens also provides you with a free digital photo and you can generally find coupons in any of the city guide books.


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass

 Enjoy your time soaking up the colors and designs of these works of art at Chihuly Garden!

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