I have always wanted to try indoor skydiving and, prior to a recent trip to Vegas, I found a great deal online so I decided to jump on it!!  My number one tip with indoor skydiving is to reserve a time early.  It’s very popular and slots sell out several hours in advance.

They give you basic instructions before you watch a video and sign a waiver.  Then, it’s time for head-to-toe gear. This takes a while as they outfit you with everything from socks to earplugs.

Once you make your way into the tunnel, you’ll get the chance to bounce around and get your balance on the padded mats that line everything. When it’s your turn to fly, be prepared to lie face down with only a thin wire net between you and what looks like an airplane engine.

Before long, you’ll be airborne and totally unaware of how high you are or whether or not you’re flying solo. The jets are so powerful, it changes these sensory functions. Depending on the size of your group, you may get to fly 2-3 times, and your total flight time lasts about 3 minutes. It is exhilarating and pretty exhausting too!  I slept like a rock that night and was sore the next day.

Be sure to arrive in lightweight clothing that you can move it and drink a lot of water. It is surprisingly hot in the tunnel and the air from the fans will dry you out and take your breath away!  Don’t forget to breathe!


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