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For the third year in a row, I am giving myself the gift of time by taking the month of May off from my blog. That’s right, another birthday gift to myself involving a few less things on my plate for a little bit.  And, because my birthday is at the beginning of the month, that really does give me the whole time to celebrate!

Do you know that my favorite color is PINK?!?!
While it is still only April, this post is my preemptive attempt to let everyone know that I will not be publishing any new posts next month.  Nor will I be engaging with other blogger’s posts or participating in blog group activities.  No pinning, no commenting…nothing!  Blogging involves so much behind-the-scenes work, and I’m taking a break!  Balancing full time work, life, travel and blogging can be tiresome.  As much as I love blogging, I also look forward to putting this element on pause each spring.  It is a time of renewal both literally and figuratively.  I have one or two things scheduled already on social media, but otherwise, the month of May will be time for me to stop and smell the (birthday) roses!  

I’d love to hear some birthday wishes from you too if you decide to stop by!




As we move into the second half of the year, I’ll also start rolling out some new changes and fun new features on By Land and Sea.  But remember – my hubby and I both work – so this will be an ongoing process that will evolve over time!  Regardless, I’m excited about all the ideas in my head!

In today’s fast-paced world, I think self care is really important. Everyone should take some time for themselves to relax, unplug, and kick back, and this is one of my ways of doing just that.

Catch you in June with new blog posts and other cool goodies!



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  1. Happy Birthday and enjoy this month! it is true though that blogging involves so much behind-the-scenes work – disconnecting and taking time to “recharge” is a must… #FeetDoTravel

  2. Happy Birthday! Great gift for yourself; your blog will be here when you return. Have a great month! #FeetDoTravel

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