Another quarter has come to an end, so it’s time for a roundup of our travel activities highlighting things that haven’t made it onto the blog yet!  These posts offer glimpses of our travel happenings every quarter.  I must say the third quarter of 2017 was very uneventful in terms of our travel activities.  In fact, it was even a little boring!


We snuck away for a few days on a trip to Denver, Colorado because we both had time off around the 4th of July holiday.  Our time here included enjoying a Colorado Rockies baseball game, followed by one of the most impressive fireworks displays we’ve ever seen.  And, it was only July 3rd!  We spent the following day enjoying rollercoasters and waterpark rides at Six Flags Elitch Gardens.  No matter how old I get, I still love a good thrill ride!  We capped off our 4th of July holiday with the Train and OAR concert, and another fireworks celebration!  It was amazing!!  The rest of the month was spent planning some big upcoming trips.


No travels this month, not even a little road trip.  August brought one of the biggest, baddest travel events of the century to us: the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  We just happen to live directly on the center line. It was seriously one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen!  You can read about our experience here.

Represented by pins, people traveled from all over the world to see the eclipse in our city!



For September, I did something crazy.  I elected NOT to go on a work trip (read: free trip) to Washington, D.C.  With my semester finals looming, personal commitments, and a sense of work conference burn out, I simply was not interested.  And, we would be departing for our highly anticipated October trip the week after I would have returned from D.C., so I was busy preparing for that.  For the first time in 4 years, we also decided not to travel over Labor Day weekend, which meant we canceled the small trip we had planned.  This was a little bittersweet for both of us, but we had many good reasons to do so.  Aside from this, I was featured in a local art exhibition which included my drawing of Pompeii that I did from our time in Italy.  It was great to see this piece on display at this local gallery and reminisce about our time in Europe! 

I also spent one Sunday in September helping to transport a mama dog and her three brand new puppies to their new foster family in a city about 175 miles away.  It was a great way to spend half of a day on the open road! Lastly, the hubs was sent to Montana for work for two weeks this month while I took care of things back home.  All work and almost no play means the next few months better be more exciting!

All things considered, this past quarter was rather dull as far as travel goes.  We’ve had a lot going on that factor into this, plus the summer months in our hometown are great!  We enjoyed a lot of local activities like kayaking, hiking and mountain biking, attending outdoor events, and even lazily wasting days away just swaying in our backyard hammock.

The good news is – we have two trips planned for the fourth quarter of 2017 which is great because we’re both itching to get back out there!

And don’t forget – with everything I have on my plate, I had to make some changes to my blog posting schedule.  Look for new posts on the second and fourth Monday of every month, or follow me on social media for other content.  You may also notice that I’ve started some new branding work on my blog – I’m excited to have a more consistent look! Sometimes I feel like the list of things to do for By Land and Sea is a mile long, but having some down time in travel also allows me to work on hammering out these things too.

While I skipped the roundup for the 2nd quarter of 2017, you can read our 1st quarter’s activities HERE.

What did your last three months of travel bring?  Please share your fun experiences with us in the comments below!

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  1. As always, an excellent blog post! I was able to “re-live” the events of the Solar Eclipse and, in my mind’s eye, could “see” the darkness fall once again.

  2. Funny as you say as you get older you enjoy the thrills, we are the opposite, definitely not risk takers any more when it comes to roller coasters. Must of also been really great to see your art exhibited too! #feetdotravel

  3. You may not have had a chance to travel as much as you normally would like but you still did some exciting things … Solar Eclipse on your doorstep!! And that drawing of Pompeii is brilliant, is there no end to your talent?? Here’s to happy travels in Q4 #FeetDoTravel

  4. Congrats on having your drawing in the gallery. Love it! The pics of the pups are so cute! I hope they get a forever home soon!

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