In a one-block radius of Woodley Park, there’s over twenty yummy restaurants to chose from. Most offer either American or Italian cuisine, but there’s also a handful of authentic ethnic restaurants. Since I was visiting the area, it seemed only natural to eat at places that aren’t available back home.
The Lebanese Taverna is thoughtfully planned, with great colors and an upscale atomosphere. My favorite design element is the wall of lanterns.
 The food was outstanding. We tried the hummus sampler, and all three types were bursting with full flavor. It is the creamiest hummus I’ve ever had. Dinner was chicken curry, and there was more than I could possibly eat, plus I had to save room to try dessert. For that, I picked the baklava with pistachios and honey. I washed it all down with one of their house drinks, the Phoenician, and some water. It was all delicious and a great dining experience! With welcoming atmosphere, people lingered in this restaurant for hours, including us.

 The Afghan grill is a small, cozy space. The only decorations were the display in the front window, otherwise it was relatively plain. Dinner was surprisingly tasty from the flatbread with citrus dip, an appetizer sampler with Bulanee, Aushak, Sambosa Goshti, and Kadu Buranee, and Qabill Palao with saffron rice for dinner. The best part of this experience was the dessert, Bastani, which is a cardamon and rosewater flavored ice cream topped with crushed pistachios. Probably one of the most unique tasting desserts I’ve had in my life.

 Both places were great in their own unique ways. Check them out if you’re ever in the area!

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