For us, Labor Day weekend always symbolizes the so-called end of summer. It’s hard to believe we are at this point in the year. In some ways, it feels like forever ago when our 2020 travel plans imploded during the first quarter of the year. How can it be that was more than 6 months ago?

Sure, things on the travel scene have been looking somewhat bleak for a few months now. Truth is, none of us know how long this will last or what things will look like when we come out on the other side. But, we didn’t let this completely stop us. For us, this summer’s top adventures were in our own backyard.

The Local Scene

We generally don’t travel a ton over the summer. Not only is it high-season, but it is also my hubby’s busy season at work. Generally, our summers are spent enjoying events around town.

Like most, restrictions prevented us from doing many things around our city. Most events and happenings were canceled. Not too long ago we witnessed the start of an up-and-coming, vibrant local social scene. This year, it fell flat. Years of forward progress and community momentum came grinding to a halt. It has been disheartening to watch.

Changing Perspective

Frankly, I have always felt like a bit of an outsider here. Or, more appropriately, a “fish out of water”. Experiencing places that fill my heart and make me feel at home are a big part of my deeply rooted love of travel.

As many of the local summer activities we were looking forward to went by the wayside and travel as we had known it was no longer in the picture, it was time to find new ways to enjoy ourselves. I had to change my perspective.

Knowing that things were going to be different this year, we started viewing our surroundings through a fresh set of eyes. No longer were we in a completely limiting geographic space…. instead, we had the opportunity to embrace freedom many others in major metropolitan areas had just lost.

True to form, we decided to make the most of the situation and do things we hadn’t normally done. This summer allowed us to travel a bit and led us to some first time experiences in the place we have lived most of our lives.

Adventures In Our Own Backyard


We are fortunate to live nearby mountains. Oftentimes you can find us hiking the local trails on any given weekend summer morning. In fact, we know one of the most popular trails like the backs of our hands.

This summer, I decided to do something different. I took the opportunity to explore a different, shorter trail nestled inside the loop of the larger trail we are so familiar with. Believe it or not, it was my first time on this shorter trail. Ever. Even though it is said to be easier, I actually got lost a time or two. But, what I loved about this experience is it was new. Something different. I found myself in a different area, reading route maps and following signs to work my way out. Those moments were reminiscent of traveling someplace new and having to use the same skills to navigate our destination.

We also took hiking a step further. Desperate to get out of town for a bit, we made a last minute decision to head a few hours north to another nearby mountain range. One of few rustic lodge cabins served as our base for a much bigger hiking adventure. This was the type of place I normally wouldn’t want to stay in, but this summer I embraced it for what it was.

We spent a Saturday climbing high into the mountains where we rested at the tree line and fished and relaxed near a secluded alpine lake. Here we envisioned all the possibilities of future camping and hiking adventures around our state. We realized these were easy travel opportunities we had been ignoring over the years.


Speaking of fishing, my hubby revitalized this hobby of his during the summer. I decided to tag along a time or two just to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Doing so, we discovered a quiet pond not far outside of town that neither of us knew existed before, as well as several river access points, dams, and blue ribbon waters.

Had it of not been for this hobby, we never would have known these spots were available nearby. Little discoveries like this were key to growing appreciation for the offerings around us.

Venturing together to nearby fishing holes, I couldn’t help but feel at ease, taking in the natural surroundings.


As previously mentioned, we live near the mountains. The nature of this summer allowed us to spend more time exploring this element of our geographic location. Not only did we go hiking and spent a bit more time at our cabin, but we went on many drives.

Each time we climbed higher and higher in elevation, the troubles of 2020 disappeared further behind in our trails of dirt road dust. Perhaps the best part of the mountains is when you totally lose service and leave the noise behind. Trust me, the sound of nothing but the breeze gentle rustling through the leaves of aspen trees is one of the most peaceful sounds.


Our community has an excellent trails system throughout town. When local gyms shut down, I found myself utilizing the trails system more and more. I discovered routes I didn’t know about. I also enjoyed some notable bike rides in newly expanded trail sections, as well as neighborhoods far from home.

It was great seeing some new art installations along the way. Until this summer, I never made the time to go check them out. However, I am certain I would have made it a point to see them if they were in some distance city. Sometimes we forget about the things that are right in front of us. Using the trails this summer was a great way to further explore often overlooked areas of town.

Scenic Routes

Plenty of times over the last several months, we hopped in our truck to go for a drive. Like many other experiences this summer, these drives took us to regional spots neither of us have ever been before. Whether driving far into the desolate countryside to discover one of our state’s premier fishing areas or high into the mountains, these rides offered the opportunity to see our surrounding area with a different set of eyes.

We also expanded our scenic drives to neighboring states including South Dakota and Colorado. These opportunities to get away on a slightly bigger scale were refreshing.

Our travels have taken us to many far-flung destinations over the last several years. It was nice to experience places closer to home.


We also ventured to a nearby local lake a few different times this summer. We were able to spend some time on the water boating and taking in the summer sun.


Golfing has always been a sport we both enjoy. It is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. We have incorporated this into many of our travels over the years. This year, we took it up a notch. Not only did we golf at our local community course, but we golfed at some great courses in the area.

Interestingly, we also noticed that there are several nice courses in neighboring towns. We could easily drive to them, play a round, and head home. This is an easy activity, as well as a small day trip option.

Closing Out Summer

As I reflect back on the time gone by, I can’t help but laugh a little bit. I’ve spent most of my life wanting to get out of this town. Out of this state. But here I am, with my wings forcefully clipped, finally taking pleasure in things that have been in front of me for years.

I’m still wrestling with having every single ounce of our 2020 travel plans fall through. It has been a bitter pill to swallow. I know many can relate, but some cannot. However, we are always open to different travel experiences. This is something we showcase on our blog. Doing so is crucial to traveling as much as possible. Without this flexibility, we may not have done anything at all over the past few months. I’m glad that we will have a handful of travel memories to look back on this year.

I am so thankful we took the opportunity to explore locally. It is a reminder to me that sometimes, the best adventures are right in front of us. In our own backyard.

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  1. Great post. Here where I live in Spain the fiesta of San Agustin always marks the end of summer for me at the end of August. We’re out of the office next week and we’re also going to appreciate our local area.

  2. I love what you said about a past time of wanting to get out of your state/where you live. I think too often we have this idea travel has to be far away and amidst the dark cloud of our covid times it’s a reminder to travel in our own backyard and there are joys from travel close to home. I loved the pic of the lake and the boating day out.

    1. Thank you! Yes, traveling locally or even regionally isn’t bad. There are plenty of great things to see and do as long as we have an open mind about it all!

  3. We too have been looking for things to do close to home. Unfortunately we live in a condo on the busy Toronto waterfront. So we really have to travel a little to find open spaces. Getting out of the city was a great way to breath in open spaces again. Great for you to have mountains close by for hiking. Those views from on high certainly do look tempting. I am glad you have made some great memories travelling closer to home this summer.

    1. I would imagine Toronto (one of my favorite cities by the way) would be quite crowded. Hopefully, you can still find some space and enjoy yourselves!

  4. I love your positivity & after having every travel plan fall through this year as well, I have loved investigating more close to home. I live in the UK & spent some time in Scotland last month which I would never have done in previous years. I loved it & was blown away by the landscapes. I plan to go back & also to make the most of the varied scenery that is nearby. Sometimes we need to be forced to change our behaviour & this years events have made us do that.

    1. Thanks Sue! I’m glad you’ve spent some time in Scotland too! We visited there last year and it is such a beautiful place. Yes, we certainly have been forced to change our behavior this year – it hasn’t been all bad, now has it?!

  5. So glad you’re still out and about exploring! We’ve also been out in nature more this year which we’ve really enjoyed. I love boating or kayaking and getting out on water! We’ve taken the time for ourselves and socially distancing which hasn’t been all bad to be honest.

    1. Kayaking – That is one thing we didn’t do this summer! And, this would have been the perfect summer to do more of it. Social distancing hasn’t been that bad for us either, but winter might be a different story…

  6. Yes, I love exploring my own backyard! There are so many great things in all of our hometowns, Hiking is one of my favorite activities. I would also add Art galleries and museums for wonderful local travel.

  7. oh we have been doing so many local adventures over the last few months too! living in australia we are heading towards our summer & i am SOOO looking forward to it!

  8. I can relate to this. For two months or more in the UK we couldn’t drive anywhere for a walk and explored every inch of our local area, discovering new places. It is a good feeling to be familiar with your home turf. It just goes to prove that none of us have to travel far to enjoy new experiences. We are lucky to live by the coast but we did miss the mountains. Thank you for an interesting blog post.

  9. I have been doing the same thing. I’ve found many new trails, tried out the local coffee shops and visited a different patio for some adult cocktails every week. It’s been nice and has kept the travel bug somewhat satisfied, but I’m am anxious to hit the air again!

  10. This summer has definitely been one of appreciating where you can travel closer to home. I know I’ve found some interesting spots that I otherwise would have skipped. It looks like you have too!

  11. I loved your ideas of summer traveling and exploring our backyard. I too done some local backyard traveling like going to antique markets which I neglected from several years. I loved your idea of going to hikes and sometimes I love to have sunset view in my own city.

  12. We practically have done the same thing, exploring our hometown on a deeper level. I wish we had mountains though. At least we have some of the country’s top beaches!

  13. It was definitely a difficult summer to handle and we also found some spots that we would never have even looked for unless we ‘had our wings clipped.” Great article that showcases what we have right in front of us.

  14. Great post. And, so relevant in today’s time. Domestic travel is here to stay and I have started exploring my backyard. I am rediscovering my own city and country. There are so many great things to see and do. I do miss international travel but I;ll be happy exploring my local area until it’s safe to travel abroad.

    1. It can be fun to explore nearby places you either forgot about or didn’t know existed. Hopefully you’ve got lots of great spots to discover!

  15. Obviously, I’m not exactly happy that travelling has been so difficult and limited this year. However, I also took the chance to discover my backyard, i.e. exploring the city a bit more and most of all parts that I basically never go to. We tend to forget that other people travel for hours to get to those places that are close to our homes – it’s totally a question of perspective. These thoughts should be a bit comforting… 🙂

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