It is always fun to write up these end-of-year travel reviews to reflect back on the year gone by.  And, what a wonderful travel year we had!  As in years past, we believe it is possible to travel big without quitting our normal 9:00 to 5:00.  This is part of what we showcase through By Land and Sea.

I cannot believe we are here… at the end of 2019! Even more so, here we are at the end of a decade! Whoa!!!

This past year we traveled quite a bit! We managed a great mix of large-scale trips with a few small weekend getaways and one work trip sprinkled in as well. Truth be told, by fall, I was tired though…

Where We Went In 2019

Austin, TX


San Diego, CA

Palm Springs, CA

Scotland and Wales (with stops in London and Bath)

Nashville, TN

And, we will finish the year in Los Cabos, Mexico

Transportation and Accommodation

This year we traveled using primarily trains and airplanes, with a few intra-city buses. From overnight sleeper trains to pounding the pavement hundreds of miles with our feet, we really got out there! This year offered a great first time experience on ANA Airlines, as well as a decent AirBnB stay. We also had a little less than stellar first time experience on an overnight sleeper train!

Our hotel stays this year were all pleasant. Really there wasn’t a single place we stayed that we weren’t satisfied with. We even enjoyed an amazing and unique hotel experience this year that involved water! That’s right… one of our hotels was only accessible by boat! Getting whisked up and down the River Kwai Noi by traditional Thai longtail boats is something I will never forget!

If you’re looking for recommendations on great spots in major tourist spots across the globe, we have plenty to share!

Favorite Experiences

We went on some great adventures this year. Everything was great and we encountered fewer obstacles in our travels than in years past. In fact, we only experienced two delayed flights over the course of the whole year! Additionally:

  • In the UK, I loved Bath and Edinburgh, and was pleasantly surprised by Cardiff.
  • Palm Springs was the perfect mid-summer getaway. I loved the off-season vibe too.
  • San Diego was much better this year as it was our second time visiting.

But, if I had to pick an overall favorite, I would say our trip to Thailand takes that title in 2019! We have wanted to go there for several years and it really didn’t disappoint. It was completely different than anything else we have ever experienced. Now, we are hungry for more Southeast Asia!

Least Favorite Experiences

It may sound silly, but my least favorite travel experience of 2019 was navigating in, around, and out of London. I don’t know what it was about our short visit there this year, but it was a little rough for me personally. Heathrow Airport really did cause some anxiety for me…

By Land and Sea

Would you believe it if I told you that I almost shut down my blog in early 2019? Instead of doing that, I decided to step back a bit and switch my focus on making blogging fun for myself again. I have a million ideas, and always lot to learn and implement still, but I’m excited about this refresh I’ve slowly been working on! But, for now, I will be taking a break for the last few weeks of the year!

Master of Sustainable Tourism

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to do a little teaching at a community college. Sharing what I’ve learned from my degree with other travel enthusiasts is exciting and beneficial. I hope to continue down this path more in the future. I’m hoping to develop this into an online course as well! I’ve also been incorporating easy little tidbits in my posts recently.

That’s a wrap on our 2019 travel year. We are looking forward to what next year brings too!

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  1. I am extremely jealous of all the places you have been able to travel this year. I wish I would have added some additional stamps to my Passport. We will be visiting Los Cabos in March. I look forward to reading about your adventure there!

  2. What a wonderful year of travel! Glad you enjoyed the UK, and appreciated Cardiff in particular. I’m a Londoner but we recently moved to Wales so Cardiff is now our nearest big city and it’s a great one I think. We visited Thailand last year and adored it so glad to read how much you did too.

    1. I would love to return to Wales and explore more of Cardiff and the surrounding area. Looks like such a great country – wish we had spent more time there

  3. Glad you had another great year of travel. Love the picture of the wings – it is incredible! Looking forward to your posts during the new year. Thanks!

  4. You took so many different trips this year! I mainly traveled near my hometown because I’m a bit stuck with my cat and home duties.

    1. I completely understand how challenging that is. We are fortunate to have excellent care-takers who love watching our furbabies. Without it, we would not travel much.

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