A Trip To Nine Mile, Jamaica – Bob Marley’s Birthday


Today, February 6th is what would have been Bob Marley’s 72nd birthday.  I just so happen to love Bob Marley – his song Three Little Birds is my all time favorite song.  This song has the power to make everything right in my world.  Bob Marley’s music just has a way of doing this.  Even my car is named Bob Marley, because when I’m in it…we’re always jamming.  In Jamaica, we were able to visit Nine Mile, perched high in the lush, rolling hills.  Seeing where he once lived was truly like something out of a dream.

Initially, we didn’t even know about this place and the opportunity to visit it – I happened to run across it in one of my favorite travel books.  We scoured the internet and found a tour that stopped at Dunn’s River Falls and continued on to Nine Mile.  The description made the drive to Nine Mile sound rather treacherous, and perhaps during certain times of the year it is.  The road is narrow, winding, and full of potholes, but we had no issues on our journey.

The sun poking through the clouds high in the hills of Jamaica.

As we worked our way toward the clouds, it started to rain, allowing the air around us to fill with one of my favorite fresh scents.  After some time, we arrived in Nine Mile and were immediately taken onto the grounds of this amazing place.  Because of the weather, there were only 6 people there.  It was great to nearly have the whole place to ourselves.

The view from Bob Marley’s home.

Seeing Bob Marley’s simple home was both very humbling and very magical.  I loved learning how he incorporated his simple life into the lyrics of his most famous songs.  Think “single bed” (heard in Is This Love) and “my feet is my only carriage” (heard in No Woman No Cry)… these simple phrases he mentions in his songs really encapsulate his simple life.

Bob Marley’s bedroom.

We were able to see the mausoleum where he and his mother were laid to rest.  As this is a sacred place, you must remove your shoes and pictures are not to be taken allowed inside, but trust me – it is a very special place.

The mausoleum and Mt. Zion

The rest of the grounds are equally as special and show the love people feel for this man who not only changed the face of music, but taught people to love one another… Something we all need to remember… Happy birthday Bob.  One Love.

Bob Marley fan?  Have you been to Nine Mile?  Tell us what you thought of it in the comments below!

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