Travel Mishaps, Mayhem, and More!

Here we are, already two weeks into the new year!  The ending of one year and the beginning of another is always a time of reflection and goal setting.  As we continue to consider our 2017 travel year, we also have been looking back on our past experiences, and it’s safe to say that we have had our share of nail-biting travel experiences. Traveling is all about the adventure, right?  While we both love to try some adrenaline filled things during our travels (jumping off waterfalls, anyone?!?), that’s not the type of travel adventure this post is about.  The following are highlights of our mishaps, mayhem, and more experienced during our travels that we are hoping not to repeat in 2017 (or ever)!

Crash and Burn! On our very first trip together, before we were officially dating, we went on a quick little road trip to Denver.  Since it is a long story, I will keep it short.  On the way to Denver, we were rear-ended, but thankfully the damage was minimal.  After all, it was a Monday and bad things only happen to me on Tuesdays.   Jinx!!  Because this was a super quick trip, we made our return trip the following day, on a Tuesday.  At about 11:00pm in the middle of B.F.E., we met our match on the interstate in the form of a massive bull elk.  Both the elk and the Camaro lost the battle that night.  And, while my car may have crashed and burned, at least our relationship lasted!img_6386

The Houston Dungeon!  On one particularly poorly executed trip, we planned to stay overnight in Houston.  Our flight into Houston arrived about 11:30pm which is apparently the time all the taxis stop waiting at the arrivals terminal (which makes perfect sense, right?).  Instead, taxis are available at another terminal, which getting to involves walking over a mile in a sketchy underground tunnel with your luggage because at that time of night, the tram also shuts down.  I should mention that by the time we found made it to the tunnel, it was 1:00am.  This tunnel had dim lighting, no security, no cameras, and no real signs of life except for us, and one super creepy guy.  We could not have been more thrilled than when we finally reached the other side of the tunnel!

Weather Woes!  It seems one of our travel opponents tends to be the weather!  Our most common weather woe is winter storms which have shut down airports and closed roads.  Additional weather woes have included flying to the Florida Keys when both Hurricane Isaac and Hurricane Matthew hit, and being in Antigua when Hurricane Gonzalo hit the island (the first hurricane to land there in 15 years)!  I also had to tackle flying to Spain while Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano in Iceland, was erupting and disrupting air travel across Europe.antigua-2014-245

Cancellations and Missed Connections! We have had our fair share of missed connections and cancellations.  Murphy’s law indicates that if we check our luggage, there will be a complication with our flight.  We have been stuck in more airports and unexpected hotels than I care to count.  My favorite reason for a missed connection?  Because the airline staff forgot to put the bags on the plane.  They had one job!!  My second favorite reason?  Because there was “a biohazard in the first-class lav.”  Come one, we all know if it was economy class they would have put an out of order sign on the door and cleaned that mess up when we landed in Phoenix!  Really people…


Sick and Sicker!  Each of us has experienced pretty severe food poisoning at one point or another during our travels.  In Puerto Vallarta, my husband was so sick that the hotel staff thought we were fighting because he could barely left the hotel room.  Being sick when  you travel is awful.  As for me, let’s just say I don’t know when I will be able to eat buffalo chicken wings again after my most recent experience with food poisoning from the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

The Great Tequila Scam of 2015!  On that same trip to Puerto Vallarta mentioned earlier, we packed a bag because we wanted some amazing tequila (remember Murphy’s Law here).  When we arrived, we planned our activities and were assured we would go to the special tequila distillery on Friday.  Thursday we got a phone call indicating that because it was a holiday, we could not go to the distillery tomorrow, but our booking agent, Antonio, could get us some of that tequila we wanted so badly.  With doubt in our mind, we strolled from store to store on Friday trying to find the same tequila to no avail.  By Saturday, we resigned to the fact that we were not going to get the tequila we wanted and headed to the airport.  Upon pulling up at the departures terminal, we saw Antonio with the biggest grin on his face and four wrapped bottles in his arms.  We selected the two bottles we wanted, and while we packed them away he slit open the other bottles to show us it was in fact tequila from the distillery we wanted.  We were thrilled! Our flights home were filled with difficulties so we began to talk about how awful the whole trip had been, and we both ended up with a sinking feeling about the tequila.  We grabbed our bags in Denver and while waiting for the hotel shuttle at 3:00am we opened the tequila.  It was an cheap knock-off!  Completely exhausted and mad, there was nothing left to do but sit on the floor and drink it at the airport.

These stories are just some of the mishaps and mayhem we have encountered during our travels!  What are your worst travel mishaps?  Share them in the comments below!

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