In just a few short hours, I’m flying to Portland, Oregon.  My hubby is there for a conference, and both of us have wanted to go there for awhile, so it was the obvious choice that I would fly out after work and we would spend the weekend there.  This will be my first time in the Pacific Northwest and I’m really excited to see what it has to offer. The area looks so cool and so beautiful!

We plan on spending the day tomorrow exploring the city.  There’s tons to do, and we will be bouncing back and forth between the city’s gardens, shops, food trucks, breweries, and other sites up until our extra special surprise starts Saturday evening.  By the way, if you want to find out what this special surprise is, follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what we have planned!

Because our flight leaves Monday morning, that leaves us with Sunday to venture a little further.  The problem with this open day is that I’m suffering from travel indecision.  We try our best to explore as much of any area we are visiting as possible.  After all, you never know if you will return to that place again.  We have narrowed our choices for the day down to two possible options on things to do away from the hustle and bustle of Portland.


I’m really very interested in both, but I cannot decide between them.  Columbia River Gorge and the waterfalls has been a “must do” on our list for a while now.  It’s only half an hour away and has the second highest waterfall in the U.S.  However, it would be really nice to see Mt. Hood while we are in the area too.  The challenge I’m having is that the trip which includes Mt. Hood takes an entire day, whereas the trip that goes to just the gorge and waterfalls is only half the day.  While Mt. Hood would be amazing, it seems like there’s also tons of stuff to see and do in Portland that we would miss out on if we choose that option.  So, I remain indecisive and I’m coming down to the wire.

I keep asking myself if I would regret not seeing Mt. Hood more than I would regret not fully exploring the amazing city Portland seems to be.  We’ve wanted to go to Portland for some time, but the option to go to Mt. Hood just recently came up as a possibility.   This is also where I have a very hard time thinking logically and making reasonable decisions.  I tend to get carried away in moments of possibility.  I also talked to a Portland native who told me it would be a lot to do in one day.  I guess somewhere in the next three hours, the decision will need to be made before we are too late and miss out on the opportunity to see either.

So, how do you handle travel indecision?  Comment below to share ways that you make up your mind.

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  1. As someone who has seen both, I would say pick the more unique option. There are other big mountains in the US, but I’ve never seen any other waterfall quite like Multnomah! Also, there are about 6 other waterfalls in the gorge and each is unique in its own way, plus views of the Columbia River are beautiful as well.

    Not sure if this helps at all…hope you’re enjoying your weekend getaway!

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