This time four years ago, the tragedy that ultimately changed my life had just occurred a little over a week prior.  It honestly hurt to breathe.  I couldn’t see any possibility of a future in my world.


One year later – April 2013.  I was discussing my future with the most amazing man while in New York City.17

One year later – April 2014.  I was settling in to a new job with my dream employer.  An employer I had been trying to get a job with for years.

One year later – April 2015. I was in the Florida Keys participating in the 7 Mile Bridge Run, soaking up the sun and the moment as I crossed this item off my bucket list.

One year later – April 2016.  I am so proud to announce that I will be crossing another item off my bucket list – I have been accepted to Arizona State University’s Master in Sustainable Tourism Program!Untitled

In the last four years, things have happened that I never imagined; things I didn’t think we’re possible. I spent so much time in my twenties wishing and waiting for things to come my way, and I just can’t believe how my life has changed since I decided to finally start following my dreams.


Be open to what comes into your life, follow your passions, and dream big.  Explore new opportunities and do not be afraid to seek adventures.  If something changes your life, let it.  My dreams have always been big, and this new adventure with ASU scares me just a little bit, but I have never given up on my dreams.  As I continue to live my dream of traveling the world, I can’t believe I also get to add in this new element to my love of travel!  I’m so excited to see what paths this adventure may lead me down!

I’m so excited to take on this new challenge and look forward to sharing all that I learn! Thank you to everyone who has supported me, especially my wonderful hubby and parents, and thank you to everyone who has followed my blog.  The best is yet to come!

Live ~ Love ~ Travel

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