Sometimes, when you can’t actually get away, you still need a little getaway. Luckily, there’s tons of travel related movies that help you escape for an hour or two. So, if you’re looking for a good film on this final Friday of February, here’s my list of favorite, (mostly) feel-good movies that help me get my fix of sun, adventure, culture, and fun, and spark my wanderlust!

The Birdcage – Nothing makes me long for the quirky, eclectic, energetic mix of South Beach, Florida more than The Birdcage.  I have watched this movie hundreds of times in my life, know all the words, and still laugh like crazy every time I see it.


Captain Ron – This was the original movie that made me begin my fascination with the Caribbean. From the adventures on the boat, carnival, pirates, and lessons learned, this movie is an oldie, but a goody!

Eat Pray Love – We all know the movie. A woman, at her breaking point after loss and depression, takes the adventure of a lifetime and changes her life in the process. It’s inspirational and speaks to me on a deeply personal level. Full of food, wonderful sights and experiences, and inspiration, you can’t help but want to pack your belongings into a storage unit and hit the road too.


Slumdog Millionaire – This movie makes me want to go to India so bad. It highlights lives and culture so different from what I’ve know. Not to mention, this movie makes you root for the characters from the beginning and love always triumphs in the end.

Mamma Mia – This movie inspired me to paint a bedroom in my house blue and buy a massive vase that was reminiscent of my time in Greece, just so I could have a little Grecian influence in my life.  With the idyllic island setting, characters convening from all over, bright, happy colors, and upbeat ABBA songs, you can’t help but feel good when watching this flick.


Les Miserable – France, history, the human condition, and hope. Les Mis pulls at emotions ranging from hope to despair. The music is so poignant and the story is so fantastic.

Other favorite movies that help take me far away are the Lord of the Rings Triology (New Zealand – enough said!), My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Opa!), Wild (love a strong female character), A Good Lie (lessons on life and love from Africa to America), The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (adventures in the Australian Outback), Pirates of the Caribbean (swashbuckling pirates, wide open ocean), P.S. I Love You (Tearjerker in Ireland), and The Hundred Foot Journey (India meets France and Michelin star cooking).

Happy Friday night viewing!  What are your favorite travel related movies?

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