Sunsets are high on my list of things I love. They are continually beautiful, awe inspiring, and free. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sunrise too, but I’m generally just not as functional at that hour of the day.  
Whenever we go somewhere, I love to watch the sunsets throughout the trip. It is my goal to see the sun set (and rise) from the coast of every continent. I really enjoy spending time watching them, seeing the colors, taking pictures, and soaking up those fleeting moments. I make it a point to always watch the last sunset of my trip. I never know if I will return to whatever place in the world I may be currently visiting again, so it might be my last opportunity to see the sun set from that spot. This is a very deep thought, and also something I try not to take for granted in life.
So here I am… Sitting on the beaches of Riveria Nayarit watching the first sunset of the new year, which is also the last sunset of our trip. As I think about all this beauty and symbolism, I’m excited for the new year and wonder what destinations, opportunities, and adventures may come our way!

Happy new year!!

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